CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Work assignments & tracking, service-requests with notifications, help desk type ticketing with analytics for business users such as self-employed professionals and corporates

From pre-sales-marketing processes with schemes and offers to post purchase cycles with construction linked payment plans, construction agreements, demand notices and receipts, we have got everything covered for you post sales.

Why Our CRM

  • Intuitive and simple to use
  • One interface to manage all business relationships
  • Efficient strategy to manage leads
  • Ease to prioritize and organize workflows
  • Improved analytical data and reporting
  • Analytics/ Reports.


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Pre-Sale Modules

  • Enq by Email
  • Basic Reports
  • SLA
  • Online Support
  • Multi Location
  • Multi Category
  • Escalation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • No of Users
  • Post-Sale Add-On


  • 10
  • $5

$15 / month



  • 40
  • $5

$20 / month